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What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication, as opposed to classic authentication, adds another layer of protection to our online accounts. Authentication is enabled by a "second factor", mainly a mobile phone or mobile device. This will fully protect your account even if someone finds out your password.


How Duo works?

Duo Security works by first entering your username and password and then using your mobile device to verify your identity. That way, your authentication is completely secure.

Your administrator can configure Duo security so that when you enter your "username" and "password" you select the "second factor" of authentication. It can be a text message, a voice call, or a one-time code.

If you do not want to use a mobile phone, your administrator can set up a hardware token. The hardware stream is in the form of a USB Flash stick, and must be connected to the device from which you want to authenticate.

What's this for?

Standard passwords are easily compromised and revealed. They can be stolen, hacked or hit randomly without your knowledge. That's why you add another layer of protection to two-factor authentication for the authentication system. With Duo Push you will be notified every time someone tries to authenticate with your account.

It is important to note that the Duo is a completely separate system from your username and password. The Duo cannot see your password.

Supported devices


Duo security is very flexible in terms of integration and implementation, and integration with the entire Cisco security framework can be accomplished. This will give you complete security and reliability of authentication to your business system.

The duo is designed to be easy to use. Both for administrators and end users. Duo is a product that completely simplifies two-factor authentication. It does not require complex administration, which will give your administrators more time for other tasks.