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In modern business and the comfort it brings, we must be safe without interruptions and exceptions.

The workplace is no longer the only point of protection. Modern business mainly includes working from home, working from the public wi-fi network, using a smartphone for business purposes as well as tablets. The office can be located anywhere and anytime. That is why it is of great importance to protect the entire business in all ways from the increasingly sophisticated attacks that appear in the world at every moment.

Cisco security solutions give you the ability to protect your complete IT infrastructure. Both the local infrastructure with all end devices, be it phones, computers, servers or IoT devices, as well as the Cloud and hybrid environments. Cisco technologies will protect your E-mail environment, files, services, as a 3rd party of the well-known File Sharing Cloud systems.


Advanced Malware Protection - Cisco AMP

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection will provide your environment with reliable and detailed real-time protection. This product protects all types of devices in your environment, starting with end devices such as computers, tablets, and phones, but will also protect network devices such as routers and firewalls. Using state-of-the-art global intelligence to detect threats, this product will protect your Email environment, Web traffic as well as your Cloud architecture. With the implemented Sandbox technology, it will analyze unknown viruses in a safe way, and will automatically block all known viruses and attacks. Cisco AMP is implemented as a Cloud service that gives you a far greater visibility of the network, and makes it easier to see the whole situation because all parts of this service communicate with each other. Cisco AMP also protects your data by using modern machine learning algorithms to analyze user behavior and monitor their habits, so it can identify irregularities and prevent attacks and damage in a timely manner. The way Cisco AMP notifies the user of problems they encounter is easy to understand and easy to use.


Cisco Umbrella

This product helps your business to protect your customers quickly and efficiently wherever they are. This product is also implemented on Cloud architecture which allows you to protect your remote users wherever they are. Analyzing already known cybersecurity attacks around the world, we concluded that hackers often use the same architect for different attacks and leave their traces and prints on it. By using this product, your environment will be able to recognize such prints and traces and thus detect the attack even before it is started and triggered. Cisco Umbrella is the first layer of protection for your environment and will provide you with predictive protection at the DNS and IP level, and will work well with the Cisco AMP end device product that works at the File level and protects us from malware and monitors user habits and behavior.


Cisco Cloud Mailbox Defense - Protection for Office 365

Modern business has changed the way companies communicate. Around the world, companies have switched their Email environment to Cloud and one of the most famous is the Office 365 Cloud environment. Email traffic can no longer be analyzed and protected in the traditional way. The email world has changed, and so has the way it protects itself. The Cisco Cloud Mailbox Defense product will achieve complete protection of your Email architecture on the Cloud and protect your business from Phishing, Ransomware and other well-known attacks that mainly originate from Email. Cisco Email Security will provide you with convenience through ease of use and deployment, and your mailbox on the Cloud will be secured and safe.


Cisco FirePower - Next Generation Firewall

This product is the most modern type of Firewall system. The first new generation integrated firewall in the industry. It differs from others in that it is fully integrated and does not need to accumulate arrays of add-ons and additional features to protect your environment. This product is unique and specific in that at the same time it enables integrated management of firewall device functions, application control, preventive protection against threats and advanced protection against malicious software of both end devices and the entire network. This product can be found in different versions, so it absolutely suits your environment and the amount of traffic it needs to protect. It is applicable to both low and high performance environments.


Cisco Talos

This Cisco intelligent group is one of the world's leading intelligence teams for threats and attacks. It is made up of world-class researchers, analysts and engineers. These teams are equipped with unsurpassed and sophisticated systems to create accurate, fast and effective threat notification for Cisco customers, products and services. Cisco Talos protects Cisco customers from known and new threats, detects new vulnerabilities in common software, and prevents threats before they can harm the Internet at all. Talos supports the rules of Snort.org, ClamAV and SpamCop, in order to implement many open-source works and analysis tools. This group makes all of the above systems special and capable of protecting your network continuously and without delay.