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Unified server systems of modern data centers are much more than security servers with space, power and network. They must be high-performance, highly available, reliable, and scalable devices that can meet all the requirements of virtualized environments with their resources.

Increasing demand for modern solutions is emerging as a result of the digitalization trend, and COM-4T offers its stakeholders solutions from leading certified server equipment manufacturers such as Cisco, HP and Lenovo.


Cisco Unified Server Systems represent something quite innovative in the area of hardware infrastructure that you can deploy in your data center. They are optimized for processor, memory, I / O communication and internal storage. They are made of state-of-the-art hardware components specially designed for server devices.

Some of the Cisco server series that COM-4T offers in its range are the Cisco C-Series, M-Series, B-Series and E-Series.

HP server systems are designed with data center optimization intelligence and deliver the performance required by a wide range of cloud-based applications. The HP Converged infrastructure enables you to build a reliable business platform while protecting your investment through scalability. All this is provided by the HP Proliant line of hardware through micro, tower and rack chassis.

Lenovo has advanced THINK innovations to meet the needs of its growing customer business. ThinkServer Next Generation systems offer standard solutions that meet the infrastructure requirements of modern business systems and are ideal for hosting, networking, and storage virtualization environments. The Thinkserver RD350, RD450, TD350, RD550 and RD650 stand out.

Together to the perfect choice

Carefully and properly selected server architectures with virtualization can bring different benefits to your business. Server solutions chosen in this way can reduce the number of physical servers in office environments and thus reduce power, cooling and maintenance costs. One of the advantages of server virtualization is the separation of applications so that performance does not affect each other. Properly selected servers can extend the life of previously created business applications. All brands offered by COM-4T to stakeholders are reliable in terms of security and high availability. Together with you we will come to the right choice of the server that perfectly suits your business.

In addition to integrating unified server systems, COM-4T offers its stakeholders the integration of virtualization solutions.