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Savings in implementation, simplicity in usage and innovative mix of private and public data center environments enables customers the possibility to feel a complete comfort in realization of their own services, which are in it… 

Hybrid solutions of data center, in the sense of infrastructure itself, where the customers partially use their own resources of provider’s cloud, or, solutions turned to business continuity, where, for the needs of DR location, the customers use provider’s resources, are something which is very topical – from financial, as well as, from exploitation point of view. Implementation of such an environment, is generally, not complicated, and in return, it offers everything that cloud providers offer in their systems- reliability, scalability and simplicity of administration.  

Scale-out regimes, where it is possible to use resources of a public cloud according to your needs and within a certain period of time , represent an ideal environment for customers not constantly in need for additional resources, but only in a certain time intervals. Such a way of operation substantially reduces administrative and financial costs of customer IT system.