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Cisco Stealthwatch analyzes and monitors the telemetry of the entire network, both those parts that are on the premise and those parts that are on the Cloud, whether it is Azure, Amazon or Google. Perfectly integrated with docking platforms and virtual environments, it will perfectly monitor and learn everything about the habits and usual behavior of users, applications, servers, workstations, network devices and all other instances of the IT environment. Based on the telemetry that Cisco Stealthwatch analyzes and monitors, it will regularly and timely warn of any irregularities and prevented events in the infrastructure. Whether the adverse event took place at a local on-premise location or on the Cloud, all information will be available in one place, namely the Cisco Stealthwatch Dashboard or the Cisco Stealthwatch Management Console.


Cisco Stealthwatch can be implemented as a hardware, virtual machine or SaaS Cloud solution. What makes this product specific is its ability to expand indefinitely. Whether the network architecture is complex or simple, Cisco Stealthwatch will learn the telemetry and habits of all network participants and thus detect and alert all events in a timely manner. Also, this product can be integrated with the ticketing environment, so you can automate the opening of new tickets if Cisco Stealthwatch notices an event.

On the Stealthwatch Dashboard you can find information such as the amount of online traffic in the time period you want to see, the number of malicious actions prevented, the amount of devices on the network in a given time period in the form of a chart. Information on the most risky devices as well as the most widely used DNS instances can be found. There is also a geolocation map where you can see the most risky points on the planet from which Stealthwatch saw the irregularities. All this information can be analyzed more deeply with the help of Stealthwatch and in that way monitor the network and gain insight into all irregularities.

This product is integrated with the Cisco SecurityX program as well as the Cisco Talos program, which provides additional security in that the infrastructure will be resistant to the newly detected attacks, which are increasing day by day.

Our answer to the question "Who is Cisco Stealthwatch for?" is that it is intended for anyone who wants to have complete control over the infrastructure whether it is located locally or on the cloud. To always have information about critical points of the network and everyone who wants to have an insight into how much traffic is spent, in which segments of the network and what are the attacks and threats that Cisco Stealthwatch has prevented. Like everyone who wants to analyze their infrastructure more deeply and learn more about it. The application of Cisco Stealthwatch is very wide, from attack prevention, monitoring, learning about the habits of all network users for early detection of irregularities to exporting generated graphs about the state of the network for further transmission to the authorities.